Gamble Fish - Vua cá độ - Update chap 2 - Hot !!!

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Tên truyện: Gamble Fish - Vua cá độ
Tác giả: Aoyama Hiromi
Họa sĩ: Yamane Kazutoshi
Thể loại: Ecchi, Harem, Psychological, School life, Shounen
Tình trạng: On-going


The story is set at Shishidou, a school attended by rich and elite people. Tom Shirasagi, a gambler, is a mysterious new transfer student who has come from a public school (instead of a prestigious private one) and faces the elitist environment. There, he declares a challenge toward any student and claims he will bring to the ruin the whole school through a series of gambling matches. Nobody knows why he has come to that school or what the real motivations behind his actions are.

During any match, Tom shows off all of his unique coolness and ability.

He employs a wide range of tricks, both psychological and physical, to ensure his victory. In any game, you will constantly ask how he's planning to win, why he's really doing certain things, and what's really going on. At the end of the matches, the tricks are revealed, and they all work in real life, even if they do require one to be highly skilled or lucky in order to perform them.
The story centers around the various matches he undertakes and the interactions between the various characters, like Mika Shishidou, the beautiful granddaughter of the school headmaster, who is highly intelligent but contemptuous and superb, or Abidani, the vampiric looking dorm superintendent and main villain (for now) in the series, who has a sadistic personality and whose goal is to make Tom leave his school (or to get him killed).

As the story unfolds, more about Tom's past is revealed, leading to unpredictable turns of events.


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