Happy! - Update chap 4

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Tên truyện: Happy!
Tác giả: Urasawa Naoki
Thể loại: Drama, School Life, Seinen, Shoujo, Sports
Tình trạng: On-going
Năm phát hành: 1993
Nguồn: http://kikyoufc.forum-viet.net/


Miyuki Umino was a senior in high-school. Although Miyuki, her two younger brothers and her younger sister were poor, they were happy living together. But, one day all of a sudden her older brother's debt of 250 million yen fell upon them. To pay back the debt Miyuki quit school. What was the incredible choice she took to do this?


Volume 01:

Happy! chap 01 - MF
Happy! chap 02 - MF

Happy! chap 03 - MF
Happy! chap 04 - MF

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