Lovesick Dead - Update chap 2

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Tên truyện: Lovesick Dead
Tên khác: Shibito no Kowa Zurai, Undying Love, 死びとの恋わずらい
Tác giả: Junji Ito
Thể loại: Horror, Mature, Psychological
Tình trạng: 1 volume - 4 chapters (Completed)
Năm XB: 1987
Nguồn: Horror FC


A four chapter volume, it deals with the experiences of Ryuusuke Fukata after he returns to his old home town. Strange things are beginning to occur in town, and all seems to be related to a memory from the past that has haunted Ryuusuke for years. Can Ryuusuke solve all these strange occurances before he's driven to madness?


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