Fight no Akatsuki - Cơn lốc - Update chap 1a - NEW !!!

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Tên truyện: Fight no Akatsuki - Cơn lốc
Tác giả: Aoyagi Takao
Thể loại: Shounen, Sports
Tình trạng: Completed


Akatsuki and his good friend Kiyoharu (called Kiyo-chan by Akatsuki) have been playing 'two player' basketball for quite sometime. Unfortunately, things started to change after they have joined in a very strong basketball team in their new school. Both of them were forced to separate into two groups: Kiyoharu was in the 'B' group and poor Akatsuki was put under 'F' group, which is known as the 'Failure' group. However, Akatsuki was not discouraged at all. He continues to train hard and always has a smile on his face. Will Akatsuki succeeded in his promise to Kiyoharu to become an official player? And what is blocking the path towards reaching his goal?


Chap 1a: Read Online

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  1. OneWish says:

    truyen nay cuc hay lun doc vai tap o ngoai rui :D

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