Worst - Update chap 3a

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Tên truyện: Worst (ワースト)
Tác giả:
Takahashi Hiroshi

Thể loại:
Action, Comedy, Shounen

Năm phát hành:

Tình trạng: On-going
NXB chính thức: Akita Shoten
Đăng trên tạp chí:
Monthly Shounen Champion
(Akita Shoten)
Related Series:
Crows (Prequel)
(Side Story)

Worst Gaiden
(Side Story)


Worst is a high impact gang-related title that deals with teenage boys fighting their way through high school in order to gain respect. There is no room for deceit and underhanded tricks at the notorious High School "Suzuran." These young men follow a strict honor code when it comes to brawling, very reminiscent of the mafia in the early days. Traditionally called a "Yankee Manga" ("Yankee" having a different meaning and pronunciation than in English) typically involves delinquent young men and thugs like "Hana Tsukishima" who is making his way through the ranks to rule over the rest at school...

P/S: Đây là phẩn tiếp theo của manga Crows
(đã được dựng thành 2 Movie ăn khách: Crows Zero 1&2)

Chapter 01: The Guy from Out of Town
Part 1
Part 2

Chapter 02: You Can Change!
Part 1
Part 2
Chapter 03: Suzuran All-Boys High School
Part 1

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