Island - Update chap 2

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Tên truyện: Island
Tác giả: In-wan Youn & Kyung-il Yang
Thể loại: Horror, Action, Sci-fi, Supernatural
Tình trạng: Completed


Cheju Island is a tourist spot off the coast of Korea. With 45 giant Tolharubang statues erected around the island, Cheju is a land out of time. Like the Moai of Easter Island, the origins of the Tolharubangs remain shrouded in mystery. But locals believe the statues are guardians from evil spirits - demons that devour human souls.

Miho has no time for superstitions. She came to Cheju Island to begin a new life and work as a teacher. But nothing prepared this rich daddy's girl - who's been coddled all her life - for what she finds upon her arrival - the body of a young woman, mauled almost beyond recognition. Old myths and superstitions prove deadly and real in a killer who is something less than human.

No Tolharubang can save her, and Miho escapes with her life only by virtue of help from the mysterious Pan. With a stone cold, icy stare, he walks among monsters with no fear, and kills with ease. A guardian of a different sort, maybe ... but, is he a hero or an even greater monster?

In a world where everything Miho knew to be true is false; where the shadows kill and demons walk the Earth ... she may ultimately learn that the purest evil resides in the heart of man.

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    Hay thiet up tiep nha ban.Cam on nhieu

  2. truyen nay ra hoi bi lau nen ban gang doi nha

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    truyện này sao ra lậu vậy bạn :(

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    cghyo het thang 7 rui ma van im bat vay ah` :(

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    chịu khó qua VNSharing mà down về coi đi. Bên đó bản E complete rồi

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